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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  September 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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back to an uninvited guest by the name of joq aquin. >> reporter: here in the rockaways, the scars from sandy are still fresh. >> this was rebuilt. >> reporter: sandy destroyed kennedy's restaurant. the family worked tirelessly to prebuild. >> for two years they worked so hard. fingers to the bone. >> reporter: they reopened less than a year ago. kennedy's is packed and business is booming, but -- >> it's nerve racking. >> reporter: lives in rockaway beach near the dozens of homes that burned near sandy. while many structures have been rebuilt, it's human lives, especially children, including her own 10-year-old son, who are still healing. >> he likes to watch the news. so, i've been avoiding the weather at all costs. and he saw it and he said, mom, hurricane. let's pack. >> reporter: here at the rockaway point fire department the firefighters and emts have
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to go just in case joaquin stays the course. sandy sent more than five feet of water rushing into the rockaway fire house. now joaquin is on the radar. >> makes you think where is the track of thetorm going. >> reporter: captain edward valentine are touching base with senior citizens and beginning to go through the check list. >> we have our boat and getting that ready. we are working on the motor now. we have our ambulances and making sure all the equipment is up to date. >>s reporter: first responders say it's never too early to prepare. >> a go bag is always ready to go. make sure medications and everything you have is in it. in case we have to go, we just pick you up and ready to go. >> and we want you to know that you can get severe weather alerts straight to your smartphone and mobile device with your nbc 4 app. takes just a second to sign up. click on the tab that says gets se'tre storm alerts at the top of the screen.
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in the bronx, a cab jumped a curb and plowed into a crowd near a school bus stop injuring five. exclusive video obtained by news 4 shows that cab speeding down the street and jumping the curb. four of the injured are children. and tonight the man behind the wheel is speaking only to news 4. he is heartbroken about what happened and says it was an accident. >> never stopped. just continued. nobody want that. nobody want this. i don't know what happened. >> he is convinced the car malfunctioned. he spoke with police at the scene and, as of right now, he is not facing any charges. a new legionnaire's outbreak in the bronx has claimed its first victim. one person is dead and 12 more people have been diagnosed with the disease. news 4 john chandler has the john? >> sibil a, people here in the
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and now the first death is doing nuthing to calm those fears. only adding to them. 13 cases. 11 remain hospitalized over this and, of course, tragically, that one death now. we can also tell you that 15 cooling towers in the area have tested positive for legionella. six of those are in buildings at einstein college here at east chester road, morris park avenue and second avenue. this cluster has grown by the day from seven yesterday to ten last night. and now at 13. but the health department stresses, it's not related to that outbreak from this summer in the south bronx. >> we have so far identified mainly the neighborhood as what these individuals have in common. for that reason over the weekend, we went out and found and tested the cooling towers in that area. >> something should have been done.
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that is the singular danger. >> and health department says in l of these 13 cases, the patients have had underlying health conditions. who's at risk for legionnaire's disease? well the elderly, if you're a smoker and if you have any kind of a condition that weakens your immune system. that puts you at greater risk for this disease which has flu-like symptoms. as mayor deblasio said if you feel at all have any of these symptoms, you simply have to go in and get checked. i'm john chandler, news 4 new york. >> john, thank you. the law that helps first responders that got sick after 9/11 expires after midnight tonight. they did not extend the act, which means it will receive no additional funds starting toepmorrow. that fund does have enough money for one more year, so, first responders who suffer from illnesses will still get benefits for now. there is still a chance this law could be extended before the end of the year. well, tonight, a community is gathering to remember a star high school quarterback who died
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after taking a hard hit on the field. students cried and unsoled each other outside the faith discovery church where the wake for evan murray was being held. sports star and honor student died friday from a massive internal bleeding from a lacerated spleen. teachers who knew evan say his loss is deeply felt. >> talked to a teacher. they said on monday you could hear a pin drop in the high school. there was nobody talking. nobody, they were just walking around. doing what they had to do. >> classes at warren hills will be canceled tomorrow to allow students to attend evan's funeral, which will also be held at faith discovery church. coming up at news 4 at 6:00 continues. use new jersey transit to get in and out of the city. get ready to pay more for the ride. a new app lets new yorkers buy powerball tickets. is it safe and would you trust
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new jersey transit riders knew it was coming and tomorrow, it happens. fares will jump about 9% on the trains and buses. it is the first or the fifth fare hike in 13 years. new jersey transit says the increases are needed to close a $60 million budget gap and that's after the agency cuts service and slashed $40 million in spending. some l >ocal lawmakers want to scrub new york city of products that use microbeads. tiny pellets found in everyday products like toothpaste and face wa . the bill would ban the sale of ose items in stores and online. one supporter claims the beads are toxic and polluting our waterways and harming marine life. coming up when we return, a
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the mayor's times squares task force is meeting right now for their recommendation for dealing with costume characters and naked ladies running free
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well, tomorrow is the adline mayor de blasio set for his times square task force to come up with recommendations to manage the panhandlers in times square. >> that task force has just wrapped up and government affairs reporter melissa russo is there with an update on their progress. >> chuck and sibila we have some outcomes six weeks after mayor de blasio put it into place. the pedestrian plaza will not be whipped out as bill bratton suggested he wanted to do not long ago and the painted women and costume characters will still be allowed to do their thing in times square, but if this task force has its way, it will be under a new set of rules. rules that have yet to be
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written and would require a change in law that would give the department of transportation the right to regulate where those characters can stand and how they do their work. all of thi under the survision of a dediced detail designed to deter grsiveilgal behavior. >> we'll have 107-officer unit and an increase from the current 46 that are currently assigned there. they will be the same officers all the time, so they'll be trained on all of the aspects of enforcement in that square. >> we do anticipate that there will be areas that or restricted areas of some sort because we do want to have time restrictions that are constitutional and at the same time, protect the rights of the people who a there and their enjoymt, as well >> we're told that some of the other propose als under consideration include giving out
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information to touristsn how not to get hustled or pickpocketed in the area. so, recruiting some more wholesome communit oriented attractions to the area. mayor de blasio when he named this task force six weeksago said a deadline o october 1st. that's tomorr that's when they'll he some of the ideas officiallyn paper. >> okay, melissa, thank you. lester holtyjoins ut with a look at what is ahead on nbc "nightly news." new secret service scandal that appears to be growing and also following that hurricane and an investigation on an update. an artificial turf surface that kids play sports on, including soccer. concerns were raised by one coach that the ground up car and truck tires were making players ill. >> any progress in determining if there is a health concern there?
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i know there has been a lot of debate. >> but a definitive study. the answer is no. they haven't come to a conclusion which is frustrating to both those who are concerned about the materials and the companies that manufacturer the product. they cite numerous studies citing their product is safe. first of two parts runs tonight on "nightly news." >> thank you very much. the thought of $300 million gets everybody pretty excited. now, there is a new app that makes it easy to buy a powerball ticket without having to wait in long lines. can you trust them with your possibly winning ticket? news 4 nattily goes straight to the source to find out. >> power ball purchasers who doesn't want to buy an ticket, there is an app for that. >> reporter: created by peter sullivan, takes your payment info and lotto picks and a person buys it for you.
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>> an easy way to keep clicking and lose track of how much you're spending on the lottery. but definitely an interesting idea. >> why can't i walk over here and buy a ticket. >> they're saying people didn't want to wait in line. >> that seems a little lazy. >> this is how the app works. gives you the choice of several new york lotteries. this is the powerpall. play now, pick your own numbers. once you pick your numbers and submit it, you get a copy of your ticket e-mailed to you. we met the creator of the app today. peter sullivan says it's basically a currier service. >> user gets multiple receipts with their identity attached to it. their name and numbers they played. >> he says if you win less than $600, the money is is deposited to your account. if you hit big, they set up a meeting to physically hand you your ticket and that is what concerns a local lawmaker tonight. >> who has the ticket owns the ticket. >> reporter: chairman of the racing and wagering committee. he tells me that there's danger
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in not having your ticket from the start. >> there's no guarantees that the person who has your ticket is going to give it to you. >> reporter: but sullivan counters saying guaranteed the ticket belongs to you. the app is no way affiliate would the new york lottery. ivan says he wants that to change. >> we think we can move off o paper tickets in the future and love to work with the lottery to help achieve that. >> all righ well, i wasn't taking any chances. i got my ticket. >> i thought we had eddy on the case for that. >> i haven't heard from eddy. >> we have to get to that. i know you have more pressing issues there behind you. >> t s is a torm that storm that bears watching. even if it doesn't make a direct landfall here, there will be impacts. cloudy sky from the top of the rock camera. clouds leftover from today's rain. and the cold fnt that is sitting just off shore right now. so, not going to clear out completely for several days. cloudy skies. 69 degrees.
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temperatur are starting to drop. it's going to be chilly and raw for the next couple of days before we see the impacts of joaquin. right now the hurricane warnings remain in effect for the central and northwestern bahamas. center 175 miles east, northeast of the bahamas. drifting towards the southwest. top winds at 85 miles per hour. tomorrow, it is expected to intensify to category 2 top winds of 105 miles per hour. by friday, possibly a category 3. a major hurricane. top winds of 115 miles per hour. then over the weekend, by sunday, it's possible it could make landfall. anywhere within this cone. so, we're talking about anywhere from cape hatteras along the outer banks of north carolina up towards norfolk and the delmarva peninsula. as a category 2, possibly a category 3 storm. devastating impacts here in terms of coastal conditions. if it moves onshore, even if it doesn't make landfall here at the jersey shore or long island
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or new york city, we're talking about rain and wind and a lot of wind and coastal impacts. but it would not be as severe as if it made landfall. we're still in that uncertain area. we still have to keep an eye on things for you. in the meantime, light rain showers out there. if you're going out this evening, make sure you take a bit of your rain gear. not going to be heavy across the area tonight. this is what is left over. the front is out here. that's why the clouds and showers will stay around sort of pesky drizzle and raw, windy, cool conditions. this is the rain from today. over an inch in central park and a lot of areas seeing over 3 1/2 inches of rain. like west milford, new jersey. booton and jackson, new jersey, over three inches. one to two and a half over parts of connecticut. get a break from all of that over the next 48 hours. very chilly. all that muggy, warm weather is going away. 62. that's it tomorrow. 54 on friday. and 56 on saturday.
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with all the clouds and the winds will intensify as joaquin will get closer. another update tonight at 11:00. >> thank you. bruce beck is straight ahead
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ultimately, that's why. get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month. plus get $350 back with a two year agreement. get out of the past. get fios. the verizon fios sports desk is brought to you by verizon fios. leave slow internet behind. get fios. the giants won't be seeing a salsa dance any time soon. victor cruz's return to the football field will have to wait even longer. cruz reaggravated his calf injury today in practice. the giants' wide receiver went through individual drills this afternoon before feeling the muscle tighten up. he has not made it through a full practice through august 17th. cruz is unlikely to make his season debut in buffalo on sunday. i got reaction from victor's teammates in the locker room. >> i just keep telling him and
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telling myself it's been a long season and we'll know when we get him back there are going to be great things to see. >> what does it mean to the football team and mean to the offense? >> you feel bad. someone who has been trying to come back for so long and maybe had a s back. he is a fighter and always has been and i have a lot of faith that he will be back as soon as he can and helping his team win. the 2-1 jets getting set to head across the pond. gang the game starts here at 9:30 a.m. in new york. it's the first of three nfl games at womenbly stadium this season and the jets are curious to see what the reaction will be like. >> i heard that there is a lot of jerseys that might not necessarilreprest the two tes playing. so, i will be interested to see who gets the most love out there. and just bei in that environment i think is cool. >> my first time the team has
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in baseball tonight the mets are in philly. at the stadium tunoca makes a crucial return to the rotation against the red sox. a final tune-up for a potential wildcard game. the sputtering yankees magic number to clinch a playoff spot remains at two. >> i think you just go out and him compete and find ways to get it done andurnt up a notch en he has to. that sort of thing. and he doesn't really ever change whoe is. he's the same guy every time he takethe mound. that tells me that there is a piece inside and understands what he needs to do. finally, are you ready for a good laugh? it was a rough night for one yankees' fan. he had two chances to snag a foul ball early in the game. and he came up empty each time. finally, a yapg nkee ball boy felt sorry for him and it hit off his face. he everchally got the ball but the woman next to him says it all.
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the first row, you have to have some natural ability or at least bring a glove to the game. >> or something. maybe let the girlfriend try to catch it. >> that's some butterfingers right there. >> oh, goodness. >> coming up next the conflict in syria enters a dangerous new phase as russia enters the fray with airstrikes, but not against isis targets. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00. developing news tonight, a hurricane takes aim gaining steam orecasters warn joaquin could make landfall in the u.s. with much of the eastern seaboard already under hea d. ewecret service scandal br this evening. did top officials order a leak to embarrass a powerful congressman inveigating the agency bombs away, russia unleashes a ferocious air attack in syria. but instead of bombing isis, are they bombing american allies? tonight, the u.s. reacts to a dangerous
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new turn. and fields of danger. fears over the artificial turf so many kids play on every day. our nbc news follow-up investigation, is there or isn't there a risk of cancer? what happened when we confront the government with that question. "nightly news begins right now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester ho. >> good evening. the east coast from the carolinas allhe way to new york are right now slowly beginning to brace for the possibility of a major hurricane coming ashore this weekd. hurricane joaquin is currently a one storm making its way towards the bahamas with sustained winds 85 miles per hour and continuing to gain strength. but by friday it's expected to make a big turn with the east coast in its sight as strong as a category 3 hurricane. and just a short time ago virginia's governor declared a
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state of emergency. al roker has been looking at the best and worst case scenarios. al, what are you seeing? >> well, lester, it doesn't look great right now. this is a storm that's going to grow in strength as you've mentioned. right now it's 175 miles east-northeast of the central bahamas. 85-mile-per-hour winz ds moving southwest at 8 so forwa speed has started to pick up. we already have hurricane watches and warnings for the bahamas. five to ten inches of rain, some areas up to 20 inches of rain. and as it makes its way toward the bahamas tonight on into tomorrow it becomes a category 3 storm some time friday afternoon. it continues its path paralleling the coast and then making landfall sunday afternoon as a category 2 storm but continues inland as a tropical storm with winds of up to 65 miles per hour. and the rainfall amounts anywhere from five to ten inches of rain, gusts to 40 miles per hour starting saturday night. high surf, beach
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outages, flooding. lester, this is going to last right on into monday morning and early monday afternoon. >> i know you'll have updates on "today" show tomorrow. al, thanks very much. and a millions keep a cse e on joaquin, another big and unrelated system is already dumping torrential rain up and down the eastern seaboard triggering flash floods from the south all the way up to new england, the first of a one-two punch hitting hard right now. nbc's ron mott with the latest. >> reporter: in maine stranded drivers, one abandoning his car for higher ground. other vehicles bathed to the hood. a day care forced to close, classes canceled, 9,000 thout power. by 8:00 a.m. thr to four inches of rain had fallen. three to four times as much water the drought stricken area has seen all month triggering flash flooding in streets and basements. this afternoon totals topped half a foot. >> it's a rainy day in the neighborhood. >> repter: in massachusetts downed trees and branches. one windshield shattered. >> i'm just waiting
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for aaa.
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